2 Latest Trends In Disaster Relief Supplies In 2016

Although highly reputed international organization like (U.N.H.C.R) and (WHO)  have been sharing lists on regular intervals for highly recommend relief items in the past and presently, the situation is taking a shift as there are trends that are shaping the whole ideology of materials used in relief supplies. Core relief items suppliers are striving hard to ensure that they come up with ideas that are highly appreciable and fits the needs in contemporary world. Alpinter and NRS-International are two renowned names in the industry.


There are two latest trends that are going to change the role of materials used in relief supplies by taking them to the next level:


Used normally for shelter to those who are forced to evacuate their residences in an event of a natural disaster or a war, however experts are eying a bright future for tarpaulin as they believe it is going to be used in the fashion and clothing industry heavily.


Once a problematic phase and activity where relief supplies and products packaging was nightmare, is now becoming an art with the influx of technology, packaging has become flexible attractive and lasting, designed and packed to fit any weather conditions.

The above two trends are already applied and is returning with great results each day that passes by. Something that has kept Alpinter on its toes along with other manufacturers to apply aggressive brainstorming so as to come up with green, safe and elite ideas, that will help the entire course and trends for the materials used while producing relief supplies.

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