LLINs To Ward Off Vectors Of Diseases

The world is facing many global challenges like droughts, famine, terrorism, global farming, diseases and disabilities. While many of the natural disasters are inevitable and social problems need to be addressed at the national level, most of the diseases and disabilities can be avoided however by taking precautionary measure and staying prepare in advance. The best way to fight off the problems of diseases is to look for the pathogens and the potential ways of protection from it. For example; in case of diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya fever, Leishmaniosis, Tick-borne Encephalitis (TBE) etc. can be easily avoided only if the physical methods of protection from the vectors of those diseases have been done before time. While most of these diseases could be life threatening, or in worst cases can even cause disabilities for the rest of the life, and for many the treatment is difficult, so it is always a wise step to stay ready and keep your protection up against these vectors of the disease, which in most cases is either mosquito or flies and even ticks etc.

Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets

There are many methods of protection against these pathogens carrying vectors, like repellent coils, sprays, creams lotions, etc. but the best barrier is always physical like nets and above that the better one will be the long lasting insecticidal nets ones which are not only chemically treated but are also designed in such a way so as to stay good for a longer duration of time. There can be many different sizes, colors, materials or chemical treatments of these meshes. For example; the quality used can be either of polyester, polyethylene or even polypropylene, and all of these have their own physical attributes.

When talking about long lasting insecticidal nets, the chemical treatments used can be of Pyrethroid or Deltamethrin and both of them have their own advantages. The Pyrethroid however is chemically proven to have low toxic health effects on human contact. Another important thing is that, in order for these meshes to stay good for longer periods there are few properties incorporated in them so that they’ll sustain repeated washes for as long as 3 years and can be used till that time. Also they are very helpful in keeping the mosquitoes and files away by their improved chemically repellent property and mesh size. 

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